Saturday, September 15, 2012

Twisted Hunt 2012: Favorite Time-Suck

What's your favorite time-suck? 

Let's get Twisted!
Every Fall since 2009 the Twisted Hunt on Second Life has been a favorite time-suck of mine. Even if I've been away from Second Life for months, the Twisted Hunt can always lure me back. I don't know if it's the opportunity for more free stuff to dress my avatar in, the challenge of finding the hunt object in the hardest of all places, or nostalgia that this hunt (in 2009) was my first, but it calls to me. And that's where I've been the past two weeks.

Second Life is a free online virtual world you can explore with an avatar (digital person, animal or thing) that you customize for yourself. There are scavenger hunts across the grid in Second Life that provide you with stuff if you don't want to spend real money. You look for a specific object (dictated by the hunt theme) and when you find it you get a prize - free furniture, clothing, skins, animations, etc. for your avatar. The Twisted Hunt is a gothic-themed, creeptastic hunt boasted as the hardest hunt in SL. And it is. The object (the puzzle box from Hellraiser) is small and dark-colored (this year it's blue) and placed in corners and crevices that are murder to find. There are over a hundred merchants participating in the hunt, delicious prizes, and the chance to make many new online friends. I always end up falling helplessly into it for the good part of the hunt month. This year it's through September.

Here is my avvie before the hunt, wearing a skin from Dilly Dolls. (I'm going to include vendor names in case a fellow hunter stumbles across the blog.)

And two completely different looks inspired by the skins I've found on the Twisted Hunt.

Makeup/Eyes: Songbird
Skin: Aeva//Heartsick


Finally, head to hoof in hunt prizes.
Skin: [Void]
Eyes: Songbird
Wings/makeup: Sn@tch
Hooves: Dilly Dolls
Outfit: Rokumeikan
Necklace: House of Rain
Hair: Gauze(store) Pike(style) in Coal(color) - not hunt.                                    

That's enough about mine. What's your favorite time-suck?

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  1. My favourite time suck depends on the kind of mood I'm in. At the moment I'm marathoning TV shows. I'm watching Criminal Minds at the moment, but I just finished with NCIS:LA. Other times it'll be videogames.

    ...I really need to do some writing ^^;


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