Thursday, October 11, 2012

RTW: What're You Writing in Your Stars?

Today's Roadtrip Wednesday from YA Highway asked the question:  
What do you hope to be writing in three years? Five?

mock-up design for 1st book

That's easy. I'll be writing my series. It's a YA fantasy that starts out in Victorian Boston and winds up in amazing places with amazing characters, creepy nursery figures, magic, the fae, and maybe even political intrigue. This idea is so big that it needs at least 3-5 years to complete. In three years, I hope to have an agent (of course) and to have gotten the first book published, the second book on the way to being published, and the third book in the works. I don't yet know how many books this series is going to have, but hopefully by the end of the second book I'll have a pretty good idea.

I also love my new job and don't think it's going anywhere, so I'll likely be working at the library in three years. (If an agent wants to rep me for my illustrations and that MFA can start paying itself off, I wouldn't mind either.)

What about you? What will you be writing/creating/doing in three years? Five years?


  1. While I'm totally looking forward to being in the early stages of my publishing career a few years from now, I kind of like not being certain. Since graduation I haven't been sure, and I've had a few adventures along the way ^_^ It's all good.

  2. I love the sounds of this story, Donelle! You had me at Victorian Boston and then it just got better and better. :) I hope one day very soon we'll all be able to read it!

  3. Oh! The story sounds awesome! Victorian Boston, what a great setting, I really love the sound of that! Look forward to watching it progress!


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