Friday, November 30, 2012

Good Fridays: My Blog Rebirthday

Today's a Good Fridays Post, which means I highlight a good experience of the week and ask about yours.

This blog has been through so much in a year - and it's been about a year since I started blogging regularly. Even in that time, I feel like I'm still trying to get a handle on navigating the blogging world. I've changed the look of my blog a few times, experimented with different types of posts to see which readers respond to, participated in bloghops and contests. I've learned a lot and met a lot of new people. I've also had lots of fun.

This past Fall I got a new job which takes time away from the blog, but supplements my life in wonderful ways. I'll try to share more about it, so that you won't just be reading about my writing/querying experiences, my illustration and hobbies, but also my library work.

In the spirit of improving this blog, I've finally bitten the bullet and installed Disqus. I avoided it for a long time because I was afraid of losing my old comments, but hopefully they'll import just fine. In the meantime, comments might be a little wonky.

The reason for Disqus is that I miss interacting with blog readers. I miss making friends through my blog and sharing interests with other people. I've fallen behind in visiting everyone's blogs since the new job, but I'm eager to pick back up again.

So, what's your good news for the week?

1 comment:

  1. Yay Disqus!

    Hmm, good news for the week? I'm moving to a new apartment tomorrow.

    Also, I would love to hear more about your library job. Because
    A) Yay libraries!
    and B) Sooo many writer blogs. It's always fun to hear about who people are outside of their writing.


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