Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Old Ghosts and New Glitter

Velvet In My Veins - 2005
Today I decided to redo an old piece from 2005 which needed redoing since the anatomy was horrible. The new piece isn't full-body, but it's a start. I got to play around with my tablet, starting with an all black layer. Then it was up to adding the highlights and details (and SPARKLES). Step back, Edward Cullen! This is my OC Silvan - a very old OC who hasn't made it into novels yet.

Your Disaster - 2012

I think I just wanted to draw Silvan again. His hair is naturally aqua because he's fae (among other things). As such, he's handsome and self-centered, scandalous, and full of turbulent emotions. His tainted nature requires him to feed off of human desire, depleting their energy. He has the ability to entrance humans using pheromones and his singing voice. Women are drawn to him and men dislike him, so he doesn't stay in one place for long. He often chases after those who present the biggest challenge. (Due to an event he prefers not to speak of, he's given up singing)

Silvan is very social, but also selfish and spoiled. He's drawn to the party scene and anywhere humans gather to lose their inhibitions. His relationships rarely last, causing crippling loneliness... until he finds someone new. He keeps his love interests around through boyish charm, fae magic, and the fact he's emotionally immature, bringing out their nurturing tendencies. Silvan's life goal is to find a family with someone strong enough to love him, and to find a purpose other than hunting for his next meal.

This character is much older than 2005 and has a backstory longer than my arm. Here are a couple songs from his playlist:

(This is what I imagine his singing voice to sound like.)

Silvan was inspired by this notorious womanizer (for those of you who know anime):

Sha Gojyo from Gensomaden Saiyuki

I used to draw Silvan with a cigarette poking out of his mouth too, but there are other ways to make a character look like bad news.

Ladies, what is it about the bad boys?

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