Friday, November 16, 2012

The Cube Game

If you've heard of this game before, you can either share your own parts of the cube in the comments or pass the game on to your friends and see what their answers are. (And if you've done the Cube Game before, don't post spoilers, please.) The Cube game is from the book Secrets of the Cube.

I did this game recently with both of my sisters and we had a ball with it. Then I did it with my mom and nearly cried over her horse (when you find out what that means, you'll understand). The game is an imagination game that's supposed to reveal your true self to you, but I just think it's an interesting game. Also, once you've played the game, you're not supposed to tell anyone else what the pieces in the game mean until they've played the game or you'll spoil the fun.

Here it goes!

Imagine a desert. Simple. Just sand and horizon. Picture your desert.
Now, imagine a cube in that desert.
What does it look like?
How big is it?
What is it made of?
What color is it?
Where is it located?

 Next, imagine a ladder in the landscape with the cube. Describe the ladder.
What is it made of?
How tall is it?
Where is it in relation to the cube?

Third, there is a horse in the landscape.
What kind of a horse is it?
What color?
What is it doing?
How close is it to the cube and the ladder?

Fourth, there are flowers in the landscape. Describe them.
What kind are they?
What color and size?
How many?
Where are they located?

And lastly, there is a storm in the landscape. Describe the storm.
Where in the landscape is it?
What kind of a storm?
How does it affect or not affect the cube, the ladder and the horse?

Now that you have your image and your landscape is complete, click here and find out what all of your pieces mean. 

Feel free to share your own cube, ladder, horse, flowers and storm in the comments, but don't reveal the answers! Have fun! (Later on, I'll share the parts of my own cube.)

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  1. THE CUBE:
    Breath-taking. Both transparent and solid. Fits in both hands comfortably. Smooth, thick ( crystal ) polycarbonate. It feels like it should be very heavy, though it is very light.
    Many colors with light shining through it…but mainly blues.
    Located in the distance, near the inky, fire-orange threaded horizon.


    The ladder is composed of thick jute ropes that feel secure when gripped and climbed upon. Extends far upward into the skies, through the clouds, interminably high. Right behind the cube….


    Grey, white, silvery soft coated, long-haired horse. Pawing at the sand, snuffling at water that glistens and appears, sometimes licking water falling from the sky in small droplets, seems to be waiting for something. The horse is in the forefront of the desert, closer to me than the horizon.


    Desert flowers of a kind never seen before. Similar to buttercups, but tiny and more delicate. The greenery and leaves are firm, dark green and purplish reds, close to the sand, almost like small lily pad leaves turned upward, tighter, smaller. The colors are an array of yellows, whites/cremes, reds, pinks.
    Some are located sparsely in the forefront, but as the desert extends toward the horizon, there are many, many clusters growing together, on top of, within each other.


    Near the horizon, sandstorm/wind storm, with lightning, thunder, and light, warm rain. The cube and ladder seem impermeably protected by some kind of aura—nothing is affecting the cube or the ladder. The horse is getting small drops of warm rain on him, but is otherwise unconcerned with the storm. Which is unusual for a horse.

    Now I'm going to see what it means. This is fun. ^_^


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