Friday, December 7, 2012

Good Fridays: Yes, Virginia, You Can Unclutter!

This Friday I have to share with you a book I picked up at the library entitled Unclutter Your Life in One Week by Erin Rooney Doland. I admit, I'm leery of books that make lofty promises or pitch drastic organizational techniques. I often read a little bit of one, try to do what it suggests, and end up burning out, my house and attitude reverting right back to how it was. But this book is different. It doesn't just promise to help you unclutter your house, but to simplify your life so that you enjoy what you have more. It includes your work experiences, your obligations, social interactions, and time management.

Reading this book has actually lifted my mood and given me a goal beyond just getting my house clean: making myself happy. The author suggests that readers envision something that makes them happy to use as inspiration for following the steps in the book. Do you know what my inspiration is? Decorating for Christmas.

I know it might seem small, but I have massive guilt over buying and setting up seasonal decorations. I have a small house, and nowhere to really store anything. No closets or corners for bins. So even if I see something seasonal in the store, I talk myself out of buying it. I envy the sprawling decorations at the library where I work, the decorations outside the houses I pass as I drive home, but I always feel that I can't have them because I have nowhere to put them.
Unclutter Your Life in One Week gives me hope that I can decorate for the holidays just like everyone else. It makes me think of my clutter in small manageable pieces, and offers steps and checklists to help me deal with it. There are even lists to keep me from bringing anything I don't need or can't use into my house. And one of the points on the list includes if the item brings you joy (or helps you "develop the remarkable life you want to live").

I'm still reading this book, but already it's one that I don't want to put down. When I have to return it, I might even buy my own copy (or ask for one for Christmas). It doesn't depress me like other organizational books. It doesn't make me feel inadequate if I don't keep up the cleaning regiment it suggests. It offers a change bigger than the stuff in my house and I love that.

What good thing do you have to share this Friday?


  1. I think my mother would like me to read a book like that :P
    My good thing this week is my violin. I'm having so much fun learning how to play!

  2. Hmm, a book like that would be useful for each member of my household. Have already tried other books, but we're always in la-la land with our dreams and ideas and schoolwork, secular work, church family...always have reasons (we don't like that "e" word, "excuses", LOL.) Might have to check it out. Thanks for sharing this. My good thing today is Dollar Tree. Was able to deconstruct one of the natural (vines, twigs) wreaths and add to it plastic snowflakes, a glass bird, feathers, blue ribbons, cinnamon sticks (tied with jute twine already here). The snowflakes, feathers, cinnamon sticks, blue ribbon pieces came from DT, and I think the glass bird might have come from WM a long time ago. Anyway, it's my pretty piece of peaceful holiday decorating, the only thing that is just completely my style in the clutter of this home. ;) DT made it extremely possible to complete inexpensively. (I always feel guilty for the crafts and things I like to make, not just taking up space to store materials, but the cost.)


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