Monday, December 17, 2012

Return to Yourself

Have you ever heard those little voices in your head and realized they weren't yours? They're tidbits of 'advice' you pick up here and there, designed to make you feel bad about yourself, the direction you're headed, and the choices you've made. They might wear the mask of guidance or friendship, or professional comradery, but when you get them in the light, they reveal themselves for what they are: bullies, designed to tear you down as they build others up. They remind me of spellcheck or grammar check in Microsoft Word, and just like these, you can turn them off. You know how to write. You know the rules. Now write what you want, how you want. Draw what you want. Live how you want. The chance doesn't come around again.

This post didn't come from out of the blue. It's just another reminder, to myself and to you. All of you. Get away from the voices that aren't yours so that you can hear yourself better. Get quiet, get alone, and get back to who you are when those voices aren't badgering you.

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  1. Well said. I didn't have my "quiet" me time till after Amy was born. Spent a lot of time being "true" to myself, not attempting to get reactions from people who either did give something or gave very little when they did give...and why should they? I was blatantly obnoxious and pointless at times, an emo Aspie...and not even a very good emo. Half the time, very anxious to be in public or uncovered somehow (not myself, but others), half the time not intending to be inconsiderate till after someone else was...and then not having the Holy Spirit yet to guide me into not reacting to such things. Thankfully, have had no one to get reactions from after getting married, other than Brian, who loves writing have had years of practice with quiet self time during writing now.... Then I got on Facebook and found all these acquaintances and games, got back in touch with a person I'd known in our teens who always had "advice" for me.... Now my writing is put away again. There are so many characters screaming out for life, they want to see the rest of their lives...or what the readers would have seen, in any case. But they're waiting on me. Will keep your words in mind. Have a good holiday season with your family.


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