Saturday, January 26, 2013

Library Art Teacher?

Fun library-related news update. I got approached by the 'boss lady' at one of the branch libraries where I work and she presented me with a problem and then a solution that delighted me to death. She hosts storytime for preschool children, and homeschool kids age 5-7. She's noticed some of her homeschool kids are getting too old for storytime and their parents brought up a great solution. They'd seen my art in the display case at the library (back in November-December of 2012) and liked what they saw, so they suggested I teach their older kids an art class to be held during the same time as storytime. Of course I grinned all big and immediately began ploughing up ideas.

The possibilities are endless and this'll give me experience teaching art to older children, so that if I want to do it as more of a full-time gig in future, I won't feel so unprepared. (It'd make more practical use of my degrees too.)

I love that my job, while incredibly awesome as it is, just keeps getting better and better! 


  1. Really cool! And thanks!

  2. Thanks, Miss Cole!

  3. Awesome! Good for you. :D That sounds like a lot of fun. I hope you can show us some of their pictures!

  4. Thanks! I definitely want to record their progress. I'm looking so forward to this!


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