Friday, January 4, 2013

Trust Me, I Have ABSOLUTELY No Idea What I'm Doing!

For my first post of the new year I thought I'd throw out everything I learned about doing a writer blog (since this isn't just a writer blog, anyway). Instead, I'm going to just gabble about what I learned or didn't learn last year. (Or what happened and didn't happen.)

What happened and didn't happen:

1. I tried to read a long list of YA and found out I'm happier reading Terry Pratchett (unless it's YA that isn't about teenage girls finding boyfriends or becoming supernatural creatures).
2. I queried and didn't get an agent. And I'm okay with that.
3. I thought about becoming a freelance illustrator and became a library clerk (who is still an illustrator).
4. I turned a few guys down who asked me out and accepted one handsome guy who I wouldn't see again.
5. I didn't want to rewrite scenes from my novel, but I started last week.

What I learned:

 1. Read what you want.
2. Readiness isn't measured by time.
3. Freelance illustration is for the birds. I've got steady work and benefits!
4. Some opportunities don't come around twice.
5. Nothing is ever as bad as my imagination makes it.

I still don't think I know the key to successful blogging, but this year I'm going to experiment. There's no rush, since I probably won't find the right agent for awhile. So instead of being a 'platform-builder' this blog can just be fun.

What happened or didn't happen with you last year?


  1. I learned that querying is stressful, but can also be helpful. With that in mind, I'm diving back into revisions on my WIP before I send that thing out again. Happy 2013, Donelle! I hope it's a year of learning, but also a year of successes. :)

  2. Thanks, Jaime! I wish the same for you too! Good luck with your revisions!


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