Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Don't Look Down

Living a productive life is sometimes like walking a tightrope. The view is beautiful and the journey is exciting, but if you don't keep your focus, you can easily slip off. Plus, there are people armed with peashooters who're only too happy to take a ping at you.

Michael Parkes - Leda's Daughter
I've suffered a lot of setbacks from peashooters in the form of friendly advice, rules, guidelines, social expectations, even other people's achievements. Sometimes I thought looking at them was helping me, only to find myself staring up at my goal miles overhead after I've fallen off the rope.

Following your goals is a lot like putting on earphones before jogging through a crowded park. If you tune into what you want out of life and play that as a constant soundtrack, the distractions can't affect you as much. If you remain a moving target, the peashooters have a hard time getting a bead on you.

So, keep busy. Keep goals in front and take steps to reach them. Ignore the noise and chaos on either side. If you have more than one goal, trade off. Build toward one while planning another, but always keep moving.

Lately, I've been thankful for all the tasks on my plate because it means I'm never bored. I'm never boring. I'm always moving toward something. If I haven't gotten an agent, that's okay, because I've gotten an art class. If I'm not working on a manuscript, that's okay, because I'm making a lesson plan. If I can't read all those books in a month, that's okay, because I'm drawing instead.

Replace, don't regret. It might be the right time for one goal and not the right time for another. Then you can always move that goal up the queue and check it off when its time comes.

Don't let the distractions get to you. And don't look down.

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