Saturday, March 23, 2013

Good Fridays: Geek Feel-Good Movies

Fridays are days to unwind from the week, to be thankful for the weekend - whether you've been toiling away at a day job or toiling away at your latest masterpiece/manuscript.

For me, Fridays are a great time to watch a feel-good movie. And it isn't what you might think. Since my taste is geektastic, my kind of feel-good movie is:

          This                                                      This                                                and This!

Every one of these movies made the happy leak out my ears, so I thought I'd share.

What movies make you feel good?


  1. Star Trek. There is something about that film that never fails to make me happy (except when I'm bawling my eyes out in the opening 10 minutes) :P It's my go-to cheer up film.

  2. Saw Wreck it Ralph recently and it had a great nostalgic feel to it. My favorite feel good movie would be The Princess Bride.


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