Friday, March 1, 2013

Good Fridays: Just Not Your Week

Have you ever woken up and thought that you couldn't even get sick right? You feel only nasty enough to make work unpleasant and hard to get through, but wake up well enough to go in again the next day and do it all over.

Then, you work so hard for a week on a contest, only to find out the day before it's over that the deadline is at a time when you're at work so you can't participate. You begin to think life favors the unemployed.

You make it to the post office to mail a bill so you're not saddled with late fees, and your car dies. Filling it with gas and jumping it doesn't work. In the dark and smelling of gas, you finally call a tow truck.

You end up spending over $100 on a new starter and get overdrawn at the bank because it's the end of three weeks and you're still waiting to be paid. How were you supposed to know you'd need that $200 you dropped down your backyard savings hole?

You put off laundry, showering, grocery shopping, because you're too tired after work. Eventually, you wonder who will notice anyway. ...Then your cat pees in your bed.

You go in to work and get slammed so hard by customers you swear your grandchildren's employees will feel it.

You haven't been to the grocery, so your lunch looks like the leftovers in a dorm-room fridge. And you have to eat it at 4 pm next to a guy who keeps telling you about his bowel movements.

The whole week feels like one long day. Or maybe a year. You don't know anymore.

But your car is fixed now and you finally got paid. You go to bed Thursday night dreaming of Friday at 5 o'clock and hope that when you wake up it really is.

This was just not your week. No really, this wasn't your week. It's just a story - only some of which actually happened to someone else. So, Happy Friday!

(Edit: the point of the post was black humor. Sometimes exaggerating things to their extremes makes you handle the real things better. I hope a few of you chuckled, or at least realized at the end that I wasn't entirely serious.)


  1. I hope you're feeling better now.

  2. Yes, but I was hoping to get people to see some humor in the exaggerations. That's why the post just seemed to keep getting worse and worse.


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