Monday, April 29, 2013

Being Amazing

I haven't blogged in awhile because I've been plotting. No, not plotting another MS, just plotting in general. I've been going through the mental "What should I share on my blog? Is it time for another book review? Movie? Game? Should I talk about my day?" There will be a book review soon, and I'm going to mention at least one movie in this post, as well as talk about my day. So that about covers it. I've decided to cut back blogging to twice a week and see how that works out. I'm horrible at scheduling myself, so this is largely experimental.

I'm planning to draw more often and post my sketches on the blog to keep me motivated. A great friend from grad school requested a fun illustration of two of our characters, so I'll be getting on that soon. I'm excited to see what I can come up with and maybe try a new approach.

I've been watching Doctor Who and The Amazing Spiderman which gives me the urge to be amazing. Rachel Pudelek gave me the urge to be amazing when she shared her great agent news on her blog. I sent another query flurry and those things always leave me flying high for awhile. (At least until the rejections start rolling in.)

For this post I'd also like to share some art that is amazing.

Not my art, but the art of Brian Kesinger. These are his two original characters Victoria and Otto being very Whovian. If you've never seen steampunk octopi or if you have and you love them, you really need to check this artist out. Since I saw his work on Devianart, I've loved his style and the personality he imbues his illustrations with.

What about you? Are you feeling amazing over anything lately?


  1. Love the art and all the Dr. Who love is making me feel left out I need to see this show.

  2. You should join us! I'd recommend starting with series 1 from 2005 and going in order from there.

  3. Yes, the art is great! And I'm glad my good news is encouraging. :) I hoped it would be.


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