Monday, April 8, 2013

Geektastic Romance!

My blog doesn't usually tackle the topic of romance, but I was thinking about the kind of romances I do like and thought I'd mention them. My vision of romance tends to look like this:



and this:

Whether the romance is a lifechanging adventure with someone unforgettable, or a lasting bond that echoes off the walls of time, it's all about the connection between the characters. The characters should both be whole people, not half-selves that become whole only when they're together. The relationship should be a choice, not a compulsion, and should be built on mututal respect as well as attraction.

That's my geeky romance thought for the day. Props to anyone who knows the third couple or the tv show they're from.


  1. Farscape ;)

    Uuuum, I believe you're missing Spock and Uhura!


  2. Yay! *gives you digital cookies*

    I'm missing SO many other geektastic couples. Perhaps someone should do a post with the rest of them. <.<

  3. Om nom nom!

    Hmmm... I guess Will Riker and Deanna Troi spring to mind. And you could argue for Mulder and Scully... and now I wanna watch The X-Files...

  4. I don't write romance, either, but I can't deny what sells. I like reading romance as an element in an adventure story if it's there and if it's not there it's usually a Middle-Grade book or a YA with a boy protagonist (interesting how that works, isn't it?). I love stories about transformation and I look to see the protag grow, change, develop even as she goes on her quest/adventure.

    I posted this because when I see romance turn up in something, this is the kind of romance I like to see. I actually haven't read a Christian romance. I totally understand what you mean about putting thoughts in people's heads, but if I worried about it much, I'd never try to publish anything. (People can get wrong thoughts about anything, but they should realize what they read is a work of fiction and try not take it to heart.)


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