Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Last BookShop Video Review

Sometimes I wonder if my library didn't carry dvds and provide free computer usage, how many people would still come. I see the kids making a beeline for the computers to play games, leaving without a single book, and it makes me sad. I see the big bookstores closing down all around the country and I wonder... what if there was only one bookshop left?

This is a beautiful, hopeful, bittersweet story, well-acted and aimed right at the hearts of book lovers: bookstore owners, librarians, teachers, writers, and readers of every age. A thoughtful satire that touches on our concerns about the future of the written word, it left me misty-eyed and wishing for a second installment.

It makes me wonder, in the future, if it doesn't flash, play music, or come with a touch screen, will people still be interested in it?


  1. IT is common on the internet to say things like, 'There is 20 minutes I'll never get back." Well I say there is twenty minutes I don't want back I wish they had taken more. This reminded me of my childhood, running through a private library, so much it hurt. I like you long for more. Great post.

  2. Thanks! Yes, I'd have loved to have known a bookshop like this as a kid.


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