Monday, May 13, 2013

If Like It You Do, Do It You Must

my friend Larry
I've always been fascinated by the things people like and what those things say about them. Everything from their taste in music to their taste in food, clothes, and especially stories. It all says something about what they value, admire, and pursue. Hobbies, obsessions, and fascinations people have tell the story of what draws them and what they need/lack in their lives. For instance, a fisherman might fish for the peace it brings, the natural communion, the skill and patience involved, while another person might be completely turned off by fishing because they can't stand waiting for fish to bite.

Hobbies, interests, and our tastes reveal personality traits that help us match with friends, peers and husbands/wives. They help us decide the path our lives should take. Job applications use them to determine if we'll fit among our coworkers. We often use them to teach ourselves how to handle life situations - like a shy artististic child using drawing to help socialization. 

Our differing interests and tastes are pretty amazing things. There are as many different interests as their are individuals. No one will share all of yours, but you'll find those who will share many. I've been blessed to have friends who share my values and my interests, but sometimes they share more values than interest and I have to look elsewhere for geek fellowship. With the internet, this is pretty easy to do.

My geek interests are all over the board - from asian ball-jointed dolls and anime, to comic books, videogames, and geeky tv shows (Doctor Who, Once Upon a Time, The Big Bang Theory). I also admire Shakespeare, English poetry, small glass bottles and boxes, tea, and gems and minerals.

When it comes to music, my tastes are eclectic, but I've noticed they linger in the positive mood category. I don't like sad songs. They bring me down too easily.

I had a friend at grad school who would listen to playlists of melancholy songs while she worked on her projects. After only a couple I was ready to climb the walls. When I asked her how she could listen to sad songs without being affected she told me that to her they were beautiful and relaxing. She was always very laid-back, but her major was highly competitive and stressful. Mine wasn't. In fact, the whole Illustration department at SCAD is easygoing, focused on development of personal style and creating gorgeous images rather than grinding out design after design of commercial product.

Suddenly, I understood, even though I didn't share her interest. I also realized music affects us differently. I'm glad for the sharing, since she introduced me to a lot of beautiful (and not sad) music, including Vitas the opera singer. And I introduced her to all my favorite upbeat songs.

Speaking of which, here's a little something that combines two of my interests - music by Awolnation (my favorite band for the moment), and the movie Peter Pan starring Jason Isaacs which I recently rewatched because it rocks that hard. The video's a little choppy due to my low-tech editing software, but it's the first fanvid to a complete song I've made, so I'm proud of it.

I'm not going to guess what it says about me that I'm so fan-mad over a villain from a british children's story, but it's definitely inspired a lot of creativity.

Do you have something you can't help but fangirl/fanboy over? What do you think it says about you?


  1. Your friend Larry WINS AT LIFE.

    I love how we can share things and inspire each other and introduce each other to things we otherwise would've missed. And it's great how different we can be even when we share interests. Life would be dull if we didn't have differing opinions sometimes.

    I am one happy Star Trek fangirl right now. I can't get over how awesome Into Darkness is. What does it say about me? Hmmm, I like to think it shows I'm optimistic about the future - that one day humanity will get out there and see the universe. Maybe not in my lifetime, but someday.

  2. *totally agrees*

    Having not been a trekkie myself, I loved the first rebooted Star Trek movie and I expect to love Into Darkness as much or more. So glad to hear it's as great as it looks!

    The fact they're giving these series a fresh polish and launching them into the world to aquire new fans just delights me. It's a hollywood reminder of how great the series was to begin with, but now we've got the visual effects to do it justice.


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