Friday, October 11, 2013

Good Fridays: Ridiculous Fluff

Have you ever spent a half hour watching squeaking frogs on youtube? It's at this point you reevaluate your time-management skills and seek something that will make you productive again.

I am here to help!

I recently discovered this positive website which has great articles Like This One that help point me in a better direction than the distracting internet does. I have a horrible time with distractions, procrastination, pretty much everything lifehack warns me against. I am proud to say that... I'm working on it.

Since this is a Good Fridays post, I will also share with you some fun things I've done and/or discovered this past week.

What I'm reading: Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
I'm whizzing through this book. It started out slow, but now that I'm about midway through it's much more compelling. I love that it's in first-person - something I hadn't realized before I read it. I prefer the creature's tale to Frankenstein's, and I think the language is... something I have to be awake to read properly unless I want to reread a lot of sentences. Formal, for a start. Good reference for my Victorian YA series.

What I just finished reading: Princess Academy by Shannon Hale.
I can't say enough glowing things about this book. It is about a bunch of teenage girls at an academy, hoping to become princesses, but they are deep and earthy and strong, not pampered and fluffy and shallow. The academy is also on a treacherous mountain, with avalanches, bitter winters, and bandits to contend with. Princesses indeed.

I didn't realize this was a Newbery Honor Book until I saw the seal on the cover.

(Side Note: the 'book' I read before this one was Deadpool Classic Vol. 3. Talk about an ecclectic mix! I'm currently nearly done with Batman and Son. Older comics, but still good. Not as good as Planet Hulk, though.)

What I'm watching: Call the Midwife
This leaves me up to my eyeballs in estrogen, without the romance. Nearly every episode makes me cry, and I don't usually continue watching shows that do that. So, that's saying something.

What I've been drawing: Pumpkins!

You might've already seen this on my twitter or my Facebook illustrator page, but here he is again! Isn't he cute? He's a jack o'lantern inspired by the shadowlings in my Lividia story. He may even be inhabited by one.

I love pumpkins and jack o'lanterns in the Fall. In fact, I'm teaching my little library art class cubism by attempting it with pumpkins this upcoming week. I'm going to do an example piece for them in oil pastel, so we'll see how that goes. I've never tried cubism on pumpkins before and it's been ages since I've used oil pastel, but it should be loads of fun!

Those are a few of my good things for the week. If you have any, I'd love to hear about them in the comments. Have a great weekend!


  1. My daughter just said the jack o'lantern puts her in mind of a manga called Pandora Hearts. We've all had a good week too. Packing to move into Waverly and seeing the fall decorations go into various boxes made me think of time management too, as I began to have all these ideas for more wreaths, more table decor, this thing I could give to that person, where this new idea can sit on my porch. Whimsy is so much fun. Good that we started packing early though, as nearly everyone in the family is "afflicted" with this love for creating that strikes at nearly any moment, particularly when we are to do something else. ^_^ It will be done before Saturday though. It is encouraging to read your blog posts and see the great book suggestions.

  2. Glad you like the book suggestions. I've heard of Pandora Hearts though I've never read it. Manga can have some absolutely gorgeous art. Good luck with your packing and the move. I'm sure the fun of having creative ideas strike at odd times outweighs the inconvenience of it. At least it does for me. Thanks for the comment!


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