Saturday, October 26, 2013

They're Coming for Me Now...and then They'll Come for You

I feel bad because I haven't blogged for a week. So here's a scary story.


Once upon a time there was a writer. She had a vacation she had waited for for a long time. She was certain she would use it to write and write until she had a new draft for her beta reader to crit in November. But she didn't know that the monster Procrastination was waiting for her.

When the vacation came, she was tempted to sleep in because she could. Procrastination liked that. Then her family needed her to help move. She hauled boxes, cleaned, and moved heavy furniture. She felt productive, and she was happy because she could see her accomplishments. But she hadn't written anything.

Her baby nephew was so adorable she had to play with him. Her mother was so lovable she had to spend quality time with her. She was so hungry she had to go shopping for food. And she had to buy pumpkins because it was almost Halloween.

The vacation was almost over, everything was taken care of except for the writing. Everyone had been helped, played with, and loved. Then procrastination came.
It showed her shiny things like the internet, like television shows she hadn't seen before. Addictive ones. Procrastination was tempting.

"It's been a year," it said, "A few more days can't hurt."

The writer stared at the shiny screen and vowed, "I will write tomorrow."

All the while, procrastination was creeping up behind her, getting closer and closer as she stared at the shiny screen. And when she leaned in to type the last letter of her post -

the end.

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