Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The End of Novsketch: December Plans

December will be the end of Novsketch, but that doesn't mean I'll stop drawing, just the next step in moving forward with my work. In December, I'll be selling my novsketches. Yep. That's right. Any sketch you've seen posted here this month (aside from those already spoken for), could be yours in its original size, original inkwork signed by me. I'll post the details later.

Also in December, I'll be revising my novel, with the help of some wonderful new beta readers. So I'll be switching tracks from the sketch-mad month I've just spent. It'll be a great switch, though. My novel's been hammering at my mind's backdoor all month, whispering enticingly.

It's been a wonderful month. With a few sparks of invention, I turned a time I dreaded into something productive and amazing. I used to feel so left out with Nano. This year, I shone.

Things I learned this month:
- I love illustrating. Really love it. I need to get paid for it... and I will.
- Networking can be seriously fun and exciting if you do it right.
- Creating something to make others happy is so much more rewarding than creating only for yourself.
- I am more creative when inspired by others. They bring out the best in me.

Here's a Nano-inspired novsketch prompted by Jan Moran's book title The Scent of Triumph

What did you learn this month?

Monday, November 18, 2013

3rd Novsketch with Frances Hardinge and Shannon Hale

Time for another round of November Sketch Challenge work! Yaaaay! This month has been so full of awesome.

Nov. 9 - A brief stint of fanart, started by @Bisky_Scribbles talking about anime. The result was a new sketch of an old love (Gojyo from Saiyuki) and a trip down nostalgia lane. Then I drew the Joker, because... Joker.

Nov. 10 - @haleshannon tweeted this: "I love slow dancing with my husband. He's so comfy. Like a vertical love seat." So I drew this. And she loved it, which made me very happy.

Nov. 11 - @RachelPud told me why she likes mermaids which inspired me to draw one for her. It took at least two hours, but I'm very proud of it, and it made her happy.

 Nov. 13 - Inspired by @Juliana_Haygert's eyecatching Pinterest board, I drew Taeyang her favorite singer/dancer from the kpop band BigBang. Another 2-hour sketch, mostly because of the hair.

Nov. 15 - Inspiration came from @Holli_Moncrieff 's tweet "She wanted to write, but the 15 pound cat had other ideas...." She now uses the image as her Facebook profile pic. She also showed the sketch off on her blog post here. Thanks, Holli! And thanks for such a fun tweet!

  Nov. 16 - I drew Mosca Mye the main character of @FrancesHardinge's books Fly By Night and Fly Trap with her homicidal goose Saracen as a special fanart for the author. She loved it so much she plans to post it on her website. Thanks, Ms. Hardinge!

Nov. 17 I wrote a flash fiction instead of drawing. It's another installment of the adventures of Captain Trav and his crew. I'll post it later or you can read it here. (password is flashed)

Saturday, November 9, 2013

November Sketch Challenge: The 2nd Batch

The November Sketch Challenge is a personal drawing challenge where I choose a tweet daily from someone I follow on Twitter and illustrate it. Most of the sketches are quick and uneditted, inspired by the rules of NaNoWriMo - yes, even the pen sketches.

Nov. 4 inspired by @Bisky_Scribbles "I write to empty my mind so my new ideas have plenty of room."

Nov. 5 inspired by the wonderful @HutchingsJulie with a phrase from her story Running Away. "Only death and fire live here."

This one took 2 hours, longer than most.
It was drawn completely freehand without a pencil sketch underneath.

 Nov. 6 inspired by @ChuckWendig's phrase "entrenched stubborn donkey battle" in a tweet about his toddler. It was such a great image I just had to draw it.

Nov. 8 inspired by a quote posted by @AdvicetoWriters tweeter Jon Winokur, and the face and work of Neil Gaiman (@neilhimself).

Those are all my novsketches for now. Hope you enjoyed them! If you want updates on the sketching as it happens, follow me @DonelleLacy or search the hashtag #novsketch to see my work. And remember, the more retweets I get, the happier I am! Thanks for the support!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Being Productive When You're Sick

Late with my Insecure Writers post, but I've had a busy month so far. I've been sick, still am sick, but I'm determined to be productive.

I feel like a big cheater with this post. I know the group is for writers, about writing, but all I want to talk about right now is my November Sketch Challenge. This is the first year I've done anything like this, and because it's the first time, I really don't want to let myself down. So, sick or not, I've drawn. In fact, somehow this challenge has pushed me on through the sickness. Even on days that I felt so awful all I wanted to do was stay in bed, I'd rest, and by evening I'd be drawing again.

When I go to work, I look forward to coming home and doing my nightly sketch. During the day, I'm hoping someone has seen the sketches and smiled at them. The idea was a brainstorm of mixed notions that turned out better than I expected. And the social aspect is one of my favorite parts. No one likes to do art (or writing) just to hide it in a corner.

So, my question for this month's post is: How do you handle productivity when you're facing sickness and other obstacles?

Monday, November 4, 2013

November Sketch Challenge: My NaNo

Every year I consider doing Nano, and every year I get crabby because it's not for me. This year I decided to do something to focus the powerful Nano energy that's buzzing around. I'm doing a sketch challenge through the month of November, but it's not like other sketch challenges. This one depends heavily on the random words of wisdom and silliness I find on Twitter.

How the Challenge Works: 
Every day in November I'll browse Twitter for some nugget of imagery that'll prompt my creative juices to start flowing. Then, for at least a half hour, I'll sketch my interpretation. Later, I'll post the new illustration on Twitter, along with the tweet of the person who inspired me. I'll also post updates on the blog so my blog followers won't miss anything.

I might do a few sketches a day, I might do only one, but at least one of them will be inspired by a person on Twitter. If you want to follow me, I'm @DonelleLacy and the hashtag I'm using for this challenge is #novsketch

I don't know who or what will be my next inspiration, so you're free to come along for the ride!

What inspired me:
NaNo, of course! But mostly it was a quote from @BiskyScribbles on Twitter that read "Writing is the place I go to pet all my demons." had illustrated it and I was inspired, so I did too.
pen and ink without pencil sketch first

That went over so well and was so fun that I decided to combine it with a Nanoish challenge for myself - something that would flex my rusty drawing muscles and help me work toward getting an illustration agent next year. I've been so frozen by needing to make 'portfolio quality' work that I kept myself from drawing anything. So far this challenge has been loads of fun and is also social, which is something I've missed since grad school.

The Sketches:
The point of this challenge is to draw from short phrases that inspire instant images in my head. It's also to sketch without 'editing', much like Nanoers are encouraged to do. So, I'll try to draw my ink sketches without using pencil first, and I'll try to keep erasers away from my pencil sketches. I'll be working without a net. So, you'll see wonky anatomy and probably extra lines. And, unlike most nano manuscripts, I'm going to show it all to you!

Here are the Twitter-inspired sketches so far:

Nov. 2 Angry Birds of War (pencil sketch) inspired by a tweeted review by @KMWeiland on the book Early Birds of War by Thomas R. Funderburk.

I was a little concerned someone would be offended by this, since the birds are wearing military hats from WW2. But it was so funny-looking, I opted to post it anyway.

Nov. 3 Social Butterfly (pencil sketch) inspired by a tweet from @KirkusMacGowan where he claimed not to be a social butterfly, so I turned him into one. I don't know what he thinks of it yet (since he's probably not seen it) but I hope he's flattered.

And lastly,

Nov. 2 Serious Gamer Girl (ink and brush pen, no sketch, no eraser, lots of anatomy issues) inspired by this song:

My themesong for this challenge seems to be Katy Perry's Roar. I can't stop listening to it since my nephew shared it with me.

If you're participating in NaNo, I hope it's going well for you and that you're having lots of fun, because I'm having a blast!

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