Monday, November 18, 2013

3rd Novsketch with Frances Hardinge and Shannon Hale

Time for another round of November Sketch Challenge work! Yaaaay! This month has been so full of awesome.

Nov. 9 - A brief stint of fanart, started by @Bisky_Scribbles talking about anime. The result was a new sketch of an old love (Gojyo from Saiyuki) and a trip down nostalgia lane. Then I drew the Joker, because... Joker.

Nov. 10 - @haleshannon tweeted this: "I love slow dancing with my husband. He's so comfy. Like a vertical love seat." So I drew this. And she loved it, which made me very happy.

Nov. 11 - @RachelPud told me why she likes mermaids which inspired me to draw one for her. It took at least two hours, but I'm very proud of it, and it made her happy.

 Nov. 13 - Inspired by @Juliana_Haygert's eyecatching Pinterest board, I drew Taeyang her favorite singer/dancer from the kpop band BigBang. Another 2-hour sketch, mostly because of the hair.

Nov. 15 - Inspiration came from @Holli_Moncrieff 's tweet "She wanted to write, but the 15 pound cat had other ideas...." She now uses the image as her Facebook profile pic. She also showed the sketch off on her blog post here. Thanks, Holli! And thanks for such a fun tweet!

  Nov. 16 - I drew Mosca Mye the main character of @FrancesHardinge's books Fly By Night and Fly Trap with her homicidal goose Saracen as a special fanart for the author. She loved it so much she plans to post it on her website. Thanks, Ms. Hardinge!

Nov. 17 I wrote a flash fiction instead of drawing. It's another installment of the adventures of Captain Trav and his crew. I'll post it later or you can read it here. (password is flashed)

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