Saturday, November 9, 2013

November Sketch Challenge: The 2nd Batch

The November Sketch Challenge is a personal drawing challenge where I choose a tweet daily from someone I follow on Twitter and illustrate it. Most of the sketches are quick and uneditted, inspired by the rules of NaNoWriMo - yes, even the pen sketches.

Nov. 4 inspired by @Bisky_Scribbles "I write to empty my mind so my new ideas have plenty of room."

Nov. 5 inspired by the wonderful @HutchingsJulie with a phrase from her story Running Away. "Only death and fire live here."

This one took 2 hours, longer than most.
It was drawn completely freehand without a pencil sketch underneath.

 Nov. 6 inspired by @ChuckWendig's phrase "entrenched stubborn donkey battle" in a tweet about his toddler. It was such a great image I just had to draw it.

Nov. 8 inspired by a quote posted by @AdvicetoWriters tweeter Jon Winokur, and the face and work of Neil Gaiman (@neilhimself).

Those are all my novsketches for now. Hope you enjoyed them! If you want updates on the sketching as it happens, follow me @DonelleLacy or search the hashtag #novsketch to see my work. And remember, the more retweets I get, the happier I am! Thanks for the support!


  1. I love them, especially that first one. You have epic levels of talent, Donelle :D

  2. Thanks, Miss Cole!


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