Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The End of Novsketch: December Plans

December will be the end of Novsketch, but that doesn't mean I'll stop drawing, just the next step in moving forward with my work. In December, I'll be selling my novsketches. Yep. That's right. Any sketch you've seen posted here this month (aside from those already spoken for), could be yours in its original size, original inkwork signed by me. I'll post the details later.

Also in December, I'll be revising my novel, with the help of some wonderful new beta readers. So I'll be switching tracks from the sketch-mad month I've just spent. It'll be a great switch, though. My novel's been hammering at my mind's backdoor all month, whispering enticingly.

It's been a wonderful month. With a few sparks of invention, I turned a time I dreaded into something productive and amazing. I used to feel so left out with Nano. This year, I shone.

Things I learned this month:
- I love illustrating. Really love it. I need to get paid for it... and I will.
- Networking can be seriously fun and exciting if you do it right.
- Creating something to make others happy is so much more rewarding than creating only for yourself.
- I am more creative when inspired by others. They bring out the best in me.

Here's a Nano-inspired novsketch prompted by Jan Moran's book title The Scent of Triumph

What did you learn this month?

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