Monday, December 2, 2013

Novsketch: the Last Batch

While I didn't meet my goal of 30 sketches in November, I did get 21, so I consider that a triumph. I also had a lot I can use in my portfolio. Remember, all novsketches are up for sale through December - the originals, not prints. And now, on with the novsketches!


Nov. 18: showed me a cute pic from , but I took it in a different
direction. If you've ever read Discworld, you've heard of the Death of Rats. Here, I give you - The Death of Birds!
Original sketch fills out my 9"x12" paper, done in ink and black brush pen. Original doesn't include text.

Nov. 19: A personal piece inspired by one of my favorite Wonderland denizens and the song "I'm Mad" by The Dead Weather.
This sketch is almost 12" high, done in ink, brush pen, and colored pencil. It looks much better than this scan. One of my few colored novsketches.

 I'd like to help you, Alice, but my hands are tied...


Nov. 23: inspired by 's tweet, 's title SCENT OF TRIUMPH and NaNoWriMo. I've posted this one before, but here it is in all its smelly glory again.
5.5"x4" in ink, does include text, since it's handwritten.

Nov. 25: This is as an agent/dictator, because she tweeted "This must be how dictators feel."
5.5"x4" done in ink in about an hour.

Nov. 25: inspired by and "Some say dare to dream. I say, dare to nightmare." Great quote from 's novel. She said: " hehe, this is awesome! I'm honored. I use the phrase in The Last Monster. (@ 45,000 words;"
5"x6" colored novsketch in ink and brush pen.

 Nov. 26: My own version of a Whangdoogle, inspired by 's link to the Greatest Monsters in Children's literature. Another 9"x12" novsketch, fully shaded and done in ink and grayscale brush pens. He's quite a creepy fellow. I lost track of how long I worked on him.

Nov. 29: Inspired after reading Fortunately the Milk by Neil Gaiman, illustrated by . I call it The Showdown. 7"x8" ink, done in about 2 hours.

That's all of my novsketches. I'll make a post linking you to all of them soon, as well as details to owning one.

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