Monday, February 24, 2014

Sketch-Lock Monday

The past few days I was compelled to do more Sherlock fanart. It started out rough, but the more I drew him, the easier Benedict Cumberbatch's face was to draw. I got a kick out of Moffat saying he's "the thinking woman's crumpet". I would take tea with that!

I love the transformation from surly, arrogant consulting detective to giddy little boy. (In the last one I think he looks like Snape.)

I really like the drawings that include John because the characters have each other to play off of. Theirs is probably my favorite bromance of all time.

I drew the sleeping poses when I was pretty tired myself. It took a few drawings to get the scale between John and Sherlock right, but eventually I did. The sequence of these was just fun.

This set of sketches was on another day in a slightly different style. I hoped to top the sketches I'd drawn before. I don't think I did, but playing with expressions was fun - and I even captured a little Sherlock smolder! 

When I discovered how huge the Sherlock fandom is, I was amazed. This thing is far bigger than I thought. The show gets hold of you like a monster dog and won't let go. Since it's co-written by Steven Moffat, you get jerked around a lot too, but it's worth it.

I was equally surprised by all the pairings (ships) there are in this fandom. I ship canon pretty exclusively (except Doctor/River. I will NEVER ship that). For Sherlock, I go with John/Mary, Sherlock/Irene, though I can never imagine Sherlock married. I still prefer John, Mary, and Sherlock as a set. I love how supportive Mary is of John and Sherlock's friendship.

Here's one of my favorite Sherlock fanvids.

Do you watch Sherlock? How do you feel about it?


  1. Thanks! And yes, it really is!

  2. Brilliant sketches. I been a fan of Sherlock for quite some time. Fun show to watch.


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