Sunday, May 18, 2014

Does This Blog Post Make My Butt Look Big?

not my butt
I've been blogging consistently for four years, and I don't feel any closer to learning what I'm supposed to blog about. I know what's fun for me, but what's fun for me might confuse and disengage some readers (like my post on why Luffy from One Piece is inspirational). I like a wide variety of things, and my blog is filled with a motley array of posts. I like that, but is it hurting me in the long run? What posts would flatter this blog and my blogging style?

One of my goals this year is to figure that out. If you could help me, that'd be great.

Blogs are certainly not 'one size fits all' and neither is some of the advice about them.
Has your blog ever felt like the equivalent of 'fat' jeans: comfortable, but unflattering?
What did you do about it?

And one more question. Does this blog post make my butt look big?

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