Monday, July 21, 2014

It's Do or Die Time!

In the Fall a position is opening at my job that I'd be qualified for, but full-time would mean I'm finally committing to the library. My time would be greatly limited and a lot of things would change. You know that point in novels where the MC is faced with a decision that will forever change the direction of her life?
This is it: my turning point.

I need an illustration agent by November or my dream career will be put on hold. Perhaps indefinitely.

Did I ever tell you I need a little pressure to really shine? Well, here it is.

Between now and September I'll be working on my portfolio and building my list of art reps/illustration agents to query. (Sorry, Camp Nanowrimo!) I'm also working on developing a fun and whimsical style to go with my flash fiction pieces. How long does it take to develop a style? I have a little over a month to find out.

"No limits just epiphanies." - American Authors


  1. You have to do what is best for you, of course, and only you can make that decision. But here is what I wish someone would have told my younger self--if you have a dream, fully commit to IT. Work the crazy hours, sacrifice some of the social stuff, do whatever you have to do to turn that dream into reality. I got caught up in having the security of another career on the side, and it kept taking over my life. You're incredibly talented, Donelle. If you work hard and persevere, there's no limit to where that talent could take you.

    But of course I'll support whatever you decide to do, as your friend and as a fan of your work. Here's a clip that might help.

  2. thanks so much, Holli! It's great advice!


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