Monday, November 17, 2014

It's Novsketch 2014!

2013 novsketch for Shannon Hale
Some of you might remember that last year I did a personal sketch challenge for November. I hashtagged it #novsketch, and stalked various twitter users, secretly sketching for them. Sometimes I illustrated their tweets, and sometimes I just drew caricatures of them. I posted the sketches on Twitter, tagging users with their surprise sketch. It was pretty fun and awesome. Afterward, the sketches went up for sale, giving users the opportunity to own their original sketch.

Since I'm starting novsketch later this year I won't have as much time to sketch, but I'm still going to do as many sketches as I can. Find me on Twitter @DonelleLacy.You can even email or PM me to surprise sketch for someone you know!

My first novsketch is going up today. You'll get to find out who inspired me to pick up my pencil first!

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