Wednesday, January 7, 2015

IWSG: The Truth About Myself and Goals

100 HD sketch of what I do instead
I'm back from a very long hiatus and glad to jump into a new year of Insecure Writers Support Group. To tell you a little about myself, I'm an illustrator and YA fantasy writer. I work at a library as my day job, and I game, read fantasy, and watch anime in my spare time. I teach preteens and teens art twice a month too.
For this entry, I'm going to talk about goals - specifically, my goals, and how I do or don't reach them.

Things that work for me: 
  1. Setting deadlines (in three months/a week I will _____.)
  2. Having big goals (writing a novel)
  3. Having smaller, bite-sized goals within the big goals (writing chapters)
  4. Celebrating reaching my goals (sharing my accomplishment with others, gaming)
  5. Switching goals if one doesn't suit my time-frame or interest level.

What doesn't work for me: 
  1. Telling others about my goals until I've started working on them (I thought this would help me keep motivated. It doesn't. It just makes me feel guilty.)
  2. Taking on something I'm really not that passionate about (documenting my happiness for 100 Days)
  3. Setting unrealistic goals (too big, too little time)
  4. Badly-timed goals. (Spring cleaning in the middle of Winter)

Probably my biggest problem of all is thinking I'm passionate about a goal when I really don't care as much about it as I thought (or when I jump on a bandwagon, or follow a friend's suggestion). When this happens, nothing on earth will make me finish something I ultimately think is a waste of time.

For instance, a year or so ago I tried the 100 Happy Days Challenge and gave up less than a month into it. Documenting my happiness didn't bother me as much as the way I chose to do it - to sketch my happy thing instead of photograph it. I discovered I'm not comfortable drawing myself over and over doing various activities. I'm even less comfortable drawing mundane objects like my computer or pie every day for a month. The best thing about the 100 Happy Days challenge was giving it up. But in doing so, a little part of me still felt like a failure.

This brings me to the biggest truth and another goal I'm working on: being gentler on myself when I change my mind about a goal, and give it up or choose to pursue another. I shouldn't feel like a quitter. I should feel wise. I've saved myself time and frustration, and at least I took a chance.

This Winter I do have a few goals I intend to reach and not give up. One is for the month and another is for three months. I'll probably break those down into daily goals so they don't seem so daunting.

Does any of this sound like you too? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Right you are, Michelle. Thanks for the affirming comment. ^_^


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