Sunday, January 11, 2015

Why I Don't Believe in Muses

We are the music-makers
And we are the dreamers of dreams 
- O'Shaughnessy

Do you have a muse? I sometimes say I do. I joke that "my muse must've taken a sick day" or "my muse is beating me about the head with this idea". I don't really believe in muses.

Don't get me wrong. I believe in inspiration and creativity very much. I believe we have high points and low points. Sometimes it needs to be kick-started. Sometimes we're just so overflowing with motivation and inspiration that we get three novels done in the same number of months, and draw a whole new portfolio in five weeks. (Wouldn't that be great?)

No matter the status of our creative productivity, it's us that it comes from. Whether you give yours a personification like a muse, or credit the energies of the universe which happened to be smiling on you today, this thing flows through you. It makes you write, and create worlds no one's ever seen before. It makes you draw images that didn't exist til you put pencil to paper. It's a special taste of the creation of all things. Pretty awesome, right? I think so.

Just to think that we've been chosen and gifted with this ability really blows my mind. If we hone it sharp enough and keep persisting, our work will transport others to better places, better states of mind. In our society, people really need this right now. They need hope and belief and happiness. They need to know there are better things, higher things, things of value beyond the tangible.

Thoughts and feelings can never be taken from you. Stories, scriptures, songs, and poetry can't be erased by force and pressure of men once they've touched your heart. We remember these things, and they keep us going. Creative people help foster them. 

Writers and artists, singers, poets, preachers and teachers - we all get this great opportunity to reach into someone else's heart through their eyes and ears, and profoundly affect their lives. How amazing is that?


  1. *Very* amazing ^_^

    I always considered my "Muse" to be my imagination rather than a physical being or place or thing.

  2. Does "Amuse" count. I amuse myself all the time.
    I do find my inspiration in things others have created, but I make it my own.
    Nothing is new under the sun. ;-)

  3. Amuse is the best muse!

  4. Right! And our imaginations are so much bigger than some fluffy lady in a toga. :P

  5. A 'muse' is just another tool we have to connect to that creativity. And being writers, we naturally give them personalities. 'Sides which, they're fun.

  6. Writers definitely like to give things personalities. Muses can be a lot of fun, as long as the writer/artist doesn't use them as an excuse not to produce work.

  7. Gasp! ... do you mean ... *looks around furtively* ... procrastination?

  8. Haha! Yes! I've heard people blame their muse for abandoning them and get the worst writers/artists block because of it.


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