Thursday, February 12, 2015

Frozen - And I Don't Mean the Disney Movie

I've had an awful time trying to think of blog topics lately. What once was a fun, light-hearted experience turned into a chore that I didn't look forward to. I felt stuck, and frustrated, and frozen. I couldn't move forward, and felt badly about my blog as a whole. Maybe it had the wrong look or the wrong tone. Maybe I needed to focus more on one thing over another. I lost confidence in all of it.

Talking to a fellow writer who also struggled with blogger's block, I discovered it's more common than I thought. And it really is a confidence thing. This block has to do with fear and confusion, and I'm tired of it. I want to be excited over my blog again. I want it to be like a sit-down with friends, sharing common interests and passions. I don't like to constantly doubt myself and wonder if I'm reaching the right audience, posting about the right topics. This is MY blog, isn't it? I need to get back to leaving the dirty clothes on the floor, the desk cluttered, and the door open.

This blog is not like other blogs. It's not a writer blog exactly, and it's not an art blog. It's more personal than anything else, and because of that it's all over the place. Like me, it wants to do everything. It's multi-talented, many-layered, and distracted by shiny things. And that's okay. Maybe someday I'll figure out how to harness it toward some very specific goal, but that day is not today.

If you're still interested in reading what comes out of my head, then please tag along for the ride.

And if you've ever had a block of any kind, I'd love to hear about it. How'd you get over it?


  1. I've definitely been through this, because my old blog was a bit of everything. Writing, life advice, travel stories, inspirational interviews, and so on. I regularly lost and gained readers as my blog kept shifting focus according to what I happened to be doing most at the time. I kept trying to guess what my audience wanted, and writing "helpful" posts that I thought would appeal.

    I had to sit down and really think about what I wanted from my blog. Why was I writing a blog? What was the point? Was it an online journal, something entertaining for my close friends, or something that would create an audience for my novels?

    Maybe it would help to ask yourself the same questions. It really helped me, although sometimes the answers don't come easy. Good luck!

  2. Time and seeking inspiration elsewhere are how I deal with blocks. That, and having something I can post regularly to keep my blog ticking over :)

  3. Good suggestions, Miss Cole. I'm always up for seeking inspiration elsewhere. :)

  4. Those are great questions to ask, Holli. It just takes time and a lot of thought to make the kind of blog you want. Thanks for commenting!

  5. I've thought about organizing my blog in different ways, like having tabs across the top almost so that all my art would be in one room while the other bits would be separated in other spots then it's just adding a little bit to a section not updating the one, huge, overwhelming, in-your-face front page. That thought removes some of the pressure and allows me to start typing again. :-)


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