Friday, February 27, 2015

Good Fridays: The Student Has Become the Teacher

Good Fridays is a weekly feature where I post about something good I learned, did, or discovered during the past week. Thanks to a friend, I've been inspired to revive it. This week is about a lesson finally learned, and passed on to others.

I freaked out my little art class by telling them I stay young by taking their energy during class. When I'm leaning over them, helping them out, I'm really stealing their energy. This is particularly creepy because I'm 34 and look like I'm 25, so it's potentially believable.

All joking aside, I do get energy from my class. I get to talk about a subject I love to ears eager to hear it, and I get to draw things for an hour while getting paid. The boost I get from the class carries me through the rest of the workday. Then I get to be proud of myself all the way home.

This week we drew anime faces, and I discovered one excellent book for shiny eyes and face shapes. Girl to Grrrl Manga: How to Draw the Hottest Shoujo Manga.This also happened to be a book I easily pulled from the shelf at my local library.

One student observed that since she's been drawing in manga style for awhile she's gotten worse at drawing realistic faces and figures. I suggested she practice one while still doing the other. She doesn't have to give it up, but only drawing in a highly stylized manner can be detrimental if you still haven't mastered realism. And no one at 14 has mastered realism.

Basically, I finally internalized what my undergrad drawing professor had been trying to tell me. Draw anime after you can draw real people well, otherwise, all your people end up looking like they belong in an anime. It's almost like those parental curses, "One day when YOU have a daughter...". We've come full circle, Mr. Reynolds. Points to you.

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