Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Romance of Novel Writing

I am a single writer in a relationship with one needy, lovely, atmospheric YA Victorian fantasy novel. Lately I've realized how much like romance writing a novel is.

I devote a lot of personal time to my book. When I'm not writing/revising it, I think about it. Movies I watch or songs I hear remind me of it. Daydreaming inspires new ideas I can bring to it. I write little notes for it and draw the characters from it. I've already written a blog post entitled Love Song To My Manuscript. I'm this close to writing our names in the sand,
but I'd rather see them on a book cover.

Anyone who's ever written a novel (or, in my case, began a novel series) knows what I mean when I say it feels like a romance. Right now I'm in the honeymoon phase again. You wouldn't think I'd be honeymooning during revisions, but reading it over only reminds me how much I love it. To me the relationship stages of a novel are as follows:

Dating - brainstorming and writing the first draft.
Engaged - commited enough to revise and begin querying.
Married - commited enough to keep revising after rejections, and query again until you get accepted.
Married with children - when you've found an agent, sold the book, and are looking forward to your first 'book birthday'.
You've created a Legacy when your first love gives birth to a series.

As long as I've been working on it, I consider myself married to this book. Revisions get difficult, ideas don't always flow as easily as they should, I have to step away and get advice and encouragement from other writers (couples counseling), but I still love my novel. I'm still passionate and determined to see this through to my book birthday.

What made you fall in love with your novel? Have you written any books you consider yourself married to? I'd love to hear about them.


  1. This is so true. I am especially fond of the honeymoon stage where everything just goes perfectly. It's a good feeling.

    Right now, by your reckoning, I'm in the married stage ;)

  2. Congratulations, Miss Cole. It must be a very special book. Have to be careful, though. We're likely to create book harems!


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