Saturday, April 4, 2015

IWSG: Have You Always Liked Writing?

Everyone needs young impressionable minds who admire you simply because you've gotten further than they have and you're willing to share your experience. I'm talking about students, mentees, child fans, any or all of the above. They are a wonderful, wonderful thing. They remind you of your passions and your abilities when you're so busy working toward your next goal you forget to appreciate where you already are.

art class 2013
Recently, a student from my little art class asked me, "Have you always liked art, or did your passion for it develop gradually?" At first I was surprised at the question. I was surprised someone really wanted to know, and that she really was interested. I thought back to when I first started drawing recognizable things and my parents took pictures of them (I drew on my dad's chalkboard). I honestly couldn't think of a time I didn't like art, so I told her "I've always liked it," and she said "That's so cool! I wish I was as good as you." I said all she really needed to do was keep drawing and push herself further. Mentally, I was beaming all over the place because she asked me that question, and because she reminded me of what I love.

The question was one of those little nudges right in my middle that now I'm not only an artist but a teacher. A real one. No longer just a person haphazardly throwing together lesson plans and playing all this by ear. Someone is looking to me for answers to questions, for demonstrations of technique, and for encouragement. That same someone (or someones) is offering up encouragement and answers right back.

Now I ask a similar question to you. Have you always liked writing or did your passion for it develop gradually?
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