Sunday, September 20, 2015

My MC As A Ball-Jointed Doll and Other News

Not only have I been working on the first project my agent will pitch to publishers, but I've been working on the doll incarnation of Lividia who is the main character for my YA novel (not what my agent is pitching...yet). I mailed her head to the artist for its faceup a couple months ago, and she finally returned home, beautiful and perfect. It's as though the spidery, mysterious girl from my books has stepped into this world on resin feet. Having her around really inspires me to want to write about her. (which is good, because I don't know how many book she will have yet.)

Here is Lividia Blackwell the asian ball-jointed doll version. The dress is cobbled together by me, the faceup is done by Angel Toast Aesthetics.

In case you missed my post Introducing my BJD Silvan, Lividia is the same type of doll he is. She's from a different company, and has a very different aesthetic. Her company is Doll Chateau - also a korean dollmaker. All the dolls made by Doll Chateau are waifishly thin, have unusual proportions, and have sober, uniquely-featured faces. I love this company.

I'm still working on Lividia. So far she has no clothes besides those I fashion for her (so if any of you know a dollie seamstress...). I'm not big on sewing, but I did manage to turn what used to be a shirt into a bustle skirt. All that's missing now are her black victorian shoes.

As I come off the dollie high I get from having my girl complete, I'm still working on the big first project with my agent. I'll share more info on that in a later post.

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