Thursday, November 12, 2015

Progress and Poseidon

I haven't been under a rock for the past two months; I've been under the sea. I've researched so many ocean creatures, referenced so many ocean photos and paintings for my coloring book Dangerous Sea, I could practically be an oceanographer. It's been so much fun. It's very easy to get distracted by the fascinating research (such as THIS and THIS).

I draw in four stages: brainstorming/sketching, composing/sketching, final pencil, final ink. I've decided to share some pics of what I use.

This set of Microns has been with me since grad school, so I'm thinking I'll have to retire them soon. I picked up the Hahnemuhle paper at the Art Materials Trade Show when I was at SCAD. That event made me feel like a kid in a candy store!

You can see one of the coloring book pages peeking out of the mail envelope. Imagine my coy grin as I say that's all you're going to see for now.

This is a rejected Poseidon sketch that won't be making it into the book. (Which might be why he has that expression.) When I brainstormed Dangerous Sea, I knew I'd put a sea god in it, but when I thought about the greek and roman gods, I just couldn't get excited. Everyone had already done their take on Poseidon. He's in videogames such as SMITE, in Disney movies, and in popular YA literature. Pretty much everyone knows him and what he's supposed to look like. I needed a sea god that fewer people knew.

I decided on Manannan Mac Lir the celtic god of the sea and weather. My version of Manannan is a lot more aggressive than most depictions I've seen. (I really wanted a kilted, woad-painted, imposing god who carried a claymore instead of a trident.)

For Dangerous Sea, I'm going with new takes on old themes. I'm really excited to continue working on this project and see what ideas come to me next. Looking forward to sharing my progress with you!

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