Tuesday, January 12, 2016

2016 Or Bust!

2015 saw me get an agent, have an art show, get a newer car (and sell my old one), create a really nice piece of Doctor Who fanart:

and start on my first project with my new agent: an adult coloring book with mermaids and water monsters entitled Dangerous Sea. Here are a few sketches done while I've been working on it.
dapper octopus

awkward sturgeon
woodstock seahorse

 These are just doodles compared to the full-page inked illustrations that'll be in the coloring book. I can't show the pieces from the book just yet, but you better believe I'll let you know when it's ready to hit shelves!

Last year my first blog post was on a theme: determination. This year I think it'll be about taking chances. I want to tackle my big goals without being afraid I won't finish them. So often I've procrastinated out of fear - fear it would take time, fear it would be too hard, fear I couldn't do it, fear I would mess up. These are silly fears.

My projects are worth the time. Nothing is too hard if I give myself enough time and practice to hone my skills. I can do it, with the time and the practice. (With ink the fear of messing up is very real, but it's still nothing Photoshop can't fix.)

My google searches for this project have been so great. Poseidon, celtic warrior, knife fight poses, great white shark, selkie, tidal pool, and so many mythical monsters I have trouble choosing. And if you want a big fancy taste of what my ink work looks like, check out my mermaid muse for Dangerous Sea.

Are you ready to tackle your projects in the new year? I'd love to hear about it.

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