Writing Links

This is a list of links for writers I've found the most helpful, and inspiring. This list is continuously growing, so if you know a website you think will help others, send me an email about it and I'll put it up here. Hope this helps!

  1.  Flash Fiction Resources (NEW!) - Resources and list of markets for flash fiction
  2. SCBWI (NEW!) - the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators homepage
  3. How to Write a Book Now - articles to help you write a book now
  4. Association of Author Representatives - agent listings
  5.  1000 Literary Agents - another site to search for agents and track queries.
  6. Query Tracker - A free website to organize and track your queries to agents and publishers, research agents and publishers, and see helpful comments from others who are querying the same agents/publishers. (Has forums too.)
  7. Savvy Authors.com - writers helping writers. Community, Workshops, Contests and Events.
  8. Predators and Editors - a guide to publishers and publishing services. Here's where you make sure your agent/editor is legit.
  9.  Literary Rambles - spotlighting children's book authors, agents and publishing. Up-to-date and on-target.
  10. The Writers Chatroom - scheduled chatroom for writers. (Writers Digest 101 Best Websites for Writers) - I try to visit here every Wednesday night after 9pm EST for Open Chat Wednesdays.
  11. YA Highway - nomadic novelists celebrate fiction's most exciting age group: young adult
  12. The Blood-Red Pencil - sharp and pointed observations about good writing
  13. Graphic Novel Agents List - Niki Smith's list of agents who represent graphic novels and comic books. (check sources to be sure they're up-to-date. For example: Weronikca Janczuk is no longer with D4EO.)
  14. Funds for Writers - A website by  C. Hope Clark with grants, contests, markets and other resources. (Writers Digest 101 Best Websites for Writers)
  15. Writers Digest - Write better, get published. The online site for the magazine.

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